Set in East Texas, this murder mystery looks at crime through the eyes of Texas Ranger, Darren Matthews. Darren’s 9/11, as he calls it, was the murder of an innocent black man in Jasper, TX.  Sadly,  his favorite Uncle has been killed in an unrelated incident.

Both incidents compel Darren to forsake law school for law enforcement.  Deciding to continue his Uncle’s line of work, Darren works hard to become a Texas Ranger.

The more he succeeds, however, the more his marriage deteriorates. Even with his marriage in shambles, Darren cannot help investigating a pair of murders in Lark, TX. Both bodies–that of an African American man and a white woman–were found in the bayou behind Geneva’s cafe.

One of his obstacles is the local sheriff who wants to limit the Ranger’s role as much as possible. Darren suspects the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas may be involved but the local sheriff wants to pretend they don’t exist in his county.

Lark has its share of family secrets; even Geneva Sweet, owner of Geneva’s cafe harbors her own.

Darren needs to find a way to investigate both murders without upsetting the locals, the deceased’s ex-wife, and Geneva, whom he comes to respect.

This tightly plotted thriller entertains as well as explores race relations in a small town in Texas.