Comstock has done everyone a service by describing how she changed the trajectory of her career. Despite being a self-described “introvert”, Comstock led innovative change at NBC and GE. 

If you’re looking to boost your career or change your work environment, this book is worth a read. 

Few professionals are able to tackle a subject like this with honesty and objectivity. Comstock is one of the few who does it effectively. She’s honest about herself: she learned she comes across as blunt. 

Yet, she also learned how to use “permission slips” that allowed her to make positive steps forward and “sparks” that encourage discovery in the workplace. 

After being promoted to chief marketing officer at GE, she created program called “Imagination Breakthroughs.” The program encouraged discovery and new revenue generating projects.

She also started “Ecomagination” which involved starting new green energy initiatives that lifted GE’s brand value. 

Comstock celebrates these successes but she also doesn’t shy away from describing failures which is to her credit. 

Promoted to a new position at GE, Comstock continued to find new ways to tell GE’s story despite some unfortunate turn-of-events–the stock market crash of 2008 and some other mishaps. 

She brings many innovative people on board at GE–Ben Kaufman, CEO of–in order to change the status quo. Her changes resulted in a much more welcoming and innovative corporate culture.

Sprinkled throughout the text are quotations and challenges that will help readers create change in their own lives. She also uses text boxes to elaborate more fully on key terms e.g. “Emergence.”