If you like eBooks and eAudiobooks, you may want to consider downloading the Libby app.

What Libby offers:

  1. Convenience. Find all of your books in one place (the Shelf) even if you check out digital books from more than one library.
  2. Immediacy. Start reading immediately. No need to choose a file format.
  3. Preferences. Use filters to set preferences.
  4. Push notifications. Libby offers alerts about your books e.g. when holds become available.
  5. Progress. At-a-glance progress. See your progress through each book on your Shelf at-a-glance.
  6. Share. Share what you’re reading with friends.
  7. Tags. Use tags to categorize books.
  8. Adjust Playback speed. Libby lets you adjust the playback speed of audiobooks.
  9. Listen anywhere. Listen in your car.
  10. Reading settings. Change your fonts.
  11. Suspend a hold. Suspend a hold or return a book early.

Find the Libby app, https://www.overdrive.com/apps/libby/