December 7-13, 2020

Its never been easier to learn coding.

Try some of these new titles for kids and adults:

Bertram, Adam. Powershell for SysAdmins. 2020. (Adult Collection).

Ball, James. The Tangled Web We Weave. 2020. (Adult Collection).

Cleary, Brian P. Nothing Loopy About This: What Are Loops and Conditionals? 2019. (Juvenile Collection).

Girling, Gray. Inside a Raspberry Pi 2. 2019. (Young Adult Collection)

Hosanager, Kartik. A Human’s Guide to Machine Intelligence. 2019. (Adult Collection).

Lowe, Doug. Java all-in-one for Dummies. 2020. (Adult Collection)

Nagelhout, Ryan. The Unofficial Guide to Science Experiments in Minecraft. 2019. (Juvenile Collection).

Schotts, William. The Linux Command Line. 2019. (eBook, Adult Collection).

STARnet has compiled several self-guided tutorials,