Celebrate Engineering Week (February 21-27, 2021) by reading one of these titles that discuss engineering. The purpose of Engineering week is to call attention to the contributions engineers make. This year’s theme is “Imagining Tomorrow.”

Ceceri, Kathy. Bots! Robotics Engineering. (Juvenile collection).

Hawkins, Carole. STEAM jobs in Internet Technology. (Juvenile collection).

Kenney, Karen. Folding Tech: Using Origami and Nature to Revolutionize Technology (Young adult collection)

Krasner, Barbara. Great Engineering Fails. (Juvenile collection)

Latta, Sara. Body 2.0: The Engineering Revolution in Medicine. (Young adult collection).

Lopp, Michael. The Art of Leadership: Small Things, Done Well. (Adult collection).

Raz, Guy. How I Built This: The Unexpected Paths to Success. (Adult collection).

Ridley, Matt. How Innovation Works. (Adult collection).

Sayre, April Pulley. Cityscape. (Juvenile collection)

Ventura, Marne. Learning STEM from Baseball. (Juvenile collection).