Oh My Stars by Sally Kilpatrick

Set in Ellery, Tennessee, Oh My Stars is a delightful romance that will put even the weariest in a good mood. The quirky inhabitants of this little town don’t expect a Christmas miracle in their drive-through nativity. The nativity, after all, is located in a Dollar General parking lot.

Ivy, who reluctantly plays Mary in the Christmas Nativity, works at the Dollar General. Since she is broke, she lives with her grown sister and mother in her childhood home. She trades barbs with her sister until she befriends the man playing Joseph–Gabe Ledbetter.

Ivy is still mourning the death of her ex-husband, Corey, and the loss of a foster baby–the foster baby was reclaimed by his mother. Thus, when a “Christmas miracle” occurs and a baby is abandoned in the manger, Ivy quickly grows attached to the infant. Luckily for her, Gabe manages to get Ivy to the top of the waiting list for fostering her.

Ivy and Gabe bond over the new baby. Soon, though, Gabe wonders if Ivy truly loves him or if she just loves the baby she’s fostering.

Oh My Stars is a delicious slice of small-town fiction filled with relatable characters. Authors who write about similar themes are Lorna Landvik, Bille Letts, Emilie Richards, Fannie Flagg