The first virtual event, Talking Cents (The University of Chicago Financial Education Initiative), focuses upon having crucial financial conversations.

How do you talk to your children, aging parents, or life partner about money? It can be challenging to know where to start and what topics to bring up. Join us to discover some easy strategies and simple tools you can use to start these important conversations in a fun and comfortable manner.

Some titles at Rockwall County Library that discuss having financial conversations:

Chatzky, Jean Sherman. Women With Money: The Judgment-Free Guide to Creating the Joyful, Less Stressed, Purposeful (and Yes, Rich) Life You Deserve.

Frazier, Liz. Beyond Piggy Banks and Lemondade Stands: How to Teach Young Kids About Finance.

Huddleston, Cameron. Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk: How to Have Essential Conversations.

Leiber, Ron. The Price You Pay For College.

McClanahan, Aja. How a Mother Should Talk About Money With Her Daughter.

Palmer, Scott. The Five Money Conversations To Have With Your Kids At Every Age and Stage.