Bankert, Adrienne. Your Hidden Superpower.

Bankert believes in living “authentically and wholeheartedly” with kindess. If you live this way, Bankert believes, you’re unstoppable. Being kind changes everything, including cut-throat attitudes on the job and negativity.

Schaffer, Neal. The Age of Influence.

Schaffer, who named a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer for the second time in a row, describes the power in “influence” marketing. He describes a simple way of looking at social media algorithms and discusses how brands can use “visual language.”

Bridge, Rachel. How to Work for Yourself: Everything You Need to Know About Being Your Own Boss.

More and more highly skilled workers are choosing to work as self-employed freelancers or contractors. Bridge explains how to capitalize on this growing movement that give workers considerable freedom in their work projects. Bridge is British, though, so some of the advice and websites apply only to Britons. Most of the content, however, applies to all.

Guillebeau, Chris. 100 Side Hustles: Unexpected Ideas for Making Extra Money. Guillebeau created the side hustle school for entrepreneurs that want to start safely. 100 Side Hustles profiles people who keep their day job as their main sources of income while also starting one or more profitable side businesses.