Brina, Elizabeth Miki. Speak, Okinawa: a Memoir. Brina struggles to understand her parents and her unique heritage.

Brina is a Japanese-American writer who currently lives and teaches in New Orleans.

Chang, David. Eat a Peach.

Chang writes about his fame as chef at Momofuku and star of Netflix’s Ugly Delicious. David Chang is of Korean descent.

Ryan, Shawna Yang. Green Island.

Yang is a Taiwanese-American novelist and creative writing professor. In Green Island, a young Taiwanese doctor speaks out against the government. The aftermath of his arrest affects his daughter who emigrates to America. Once there, she must make a similar choice her father made between right and wrong.

Tsukiyama, Gail. The Color of Air.

In this novel, Daniel Abe is coming home to Hawaii in 1935 when the Mauna Loa erupts. Tsukiyama gives us three different view points in this rich historical novel. The volcano’s eruption threatens to uncover long held secrets.

Tsukiyama’s first novel was Women of the Silk. Tsukiyama is of Chinese and Japanese descent. She is a novelist and part-time lecturer for San Francisco State University.

Zhang, Pam C. How Much of These Hills is Gold.

The children of day laborers in California go on a quest to bury their father’s body. The novel highlights the role Asians played in the history of the American West. C. Pam Zhang is Chinese-American.