Celebrate National Ocean Month by reading one of your favorite books on the ocean or take a virtual dive.

Bagusche, Frauke. The Blue Wonder: Why the Sea Glows, Fish Sing, and Other Astonishing Insights. (Adult)

De la Boyedere, Camilla. Our Oceans (Juvenile)

Drimmer, Stephanie Warren. Beneath the Waves. (Juvenile)

Hand, Carol. Living On The Ocean. (Juvenile)

Giggs, Rebecca. Fathoms: The World in the Whale. (Adult)..

Jackson, Tom. Ocean Atlas: A Journey Across the Waves. (Juvenile)

Markle, Sandra. The Great Shark Rescue: Saving the Whale Sharks (Juvenile)

Owen, Ruth. The Problem With Plastic (Juvenile)

Streever, Bill. In Oceans Deep. (Adult)