by Bethany R. 

As we near this time of year, it seems that everyone is catching hold of the “holiday season.”  Towards the end of the year the weather turns cooler, the days get shorter, and our favorite eateries and cafés start offering up pumpkin spiced…everything!  Words like “cozy” and “good cheer” are often heard, and most of us look forward to time spent with loved ones. 

 However, as we reflect on all the holidays and celebrations that take place this time of year, there is one that I often think is overlooked.   I am thinking, of course, of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  

 As the proud daughter of a breast cancer survivor, I can’t help but think of the millions of Americans who have been impacted by this deadly disease.  So, as many people celebrate this season of fun, I look forward to celebrating with my mother and all the other brave survivors who are helping others join the fight. 

The good news is that, compared to 20 or 30 years ago, we now have a wealth of resources and information to help us stay informed about this disease, as well as various organizations to help us fight for a cure!  No one has to fight this battle alone.   

For the month of October, we can all do our part to raise awareness of breast cancer, which has altered the lives of millions of women (and men!) in our country.  Alongside of all the other celebrations that take place this month, be sure to wear pink, to take part in a fundraiser, or educate yourself about the causes or preventative steps of breast cancer.

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By taking these steps throughout the month, you may be able to provide a better tomorrow for your loved ones who may need to fight breast cancer in the future! Together, we can find a cure!