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Each November aspiring writers are given a new opportunity to write a novel. Don’t miss these great books that give tips on storytelling techniques.

Child, Lee and Laurie King, ed. How to Write a Mystery: a Handbook. (Adult Collection)

Evanovich, Janet. How I Write: Secrets of a Best Selling Author. (Adult Collection)

Gaiman, Neil. The View From the Cheap Seats.(Adult Collection)

Gilbert, Elizabeth. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. (Adult Collection).

Hynes, James. Writing Great Fiction : Storytelling Tips and Techniques [kit]

McKee, Robert. Dialogue: The Art of Verbal Fiction. (Adult Collection)

Palahniuk, Chuck. Consider This: Moments In My Writing Life. (Adult Collection)

Sharp, Colby, ed. The Creativity Project. (Juvenile collection)

Best Online Writing prompts:

Poets and Writer’s The Time is Now. Poets and Writers’s The Time is Now offers a poetry prompt on Tuesday, a fiction prompt on Wednesday, and a creative nonfiction prompt on Thursday.