by Bethany R.

Gratitude can be a difficult topic, as this past year has been difficult for a lot of us. Many of us realize that there is less around the Thanksgiving table, fewer gifts under the Christmas tree, and maybe even fewer loved ones gathered to celebrate. Some of us may even struggle to find blessings among all these losses. And yet, there are still many blessings to be found!

Someone much wiser than I am once said that fewer “blessings” don’t necessarily mean that one’s gratitude should diminish accordingly. It only means that one’s perspective needs to change in order to discover all the “unappreciated” blessings that have been present (maybe even growing) all along.

They may be big or small, tangible or intangible, past or present, but these blessings might have made a significant impact in your life! Perhaps, during a time of difficulty, you experienced an act of kindness. Maybe, after a loss, you were comforted by someone unexpected. Still yet, you might have heard words of solace that came from an overlooked source at just the right moment. Please don’t ever discount these shining moments in a period of darkness.

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