by Bethany R.

Examples of books that show that "Words Have Power."

    I’m often told that I use big words.  That may be true, but as the daughter of a writer/editor and growing up in a family of bookworms, I come by it naturally.  However, I don’t think that using big or usual words is necessarily a bad thing.  I believe very much in the power of words and their transformative power in our lives! 

    It’s amazing to think that a few words can either build a person’s entire life and reputation, or destroy it completely!  Between those two options, I would much rather use my words to build others up.  Ironically, I’ve found that it only takes a few words to turn someone’s day around.    

   I think about one elderly gentleman who frequents the library.  When I greet him in his native language, he smiles brightly and gives me a piece of cinnamon gum.  Or the times when I see a patron pick up one of my favorite books.  When I tell that person why I love the book, I’m excited to see that person’s eyes light up knowing that we have a connection through love of a story.  Finally, I love hearing my nephews’ laughter when I quote a line from my favorite silly movie and hear them quote it back to me (much to their parents’ chagrin)! 

   Words big or small can make a big impact on us!  As this year comes to a close, I hope we will choose our words wisely, and use them to build up the lives of those around us!  We may not be able to change the world, but at least we can make 2022 a bit brighter for those whose lives we reach with the power of our words! 

                                       Happy 2022 Everyone!