by Chantal W.

The Midnight Library is the perfect book to read in January–a time for starting over and making New Year’s resolutions.

Nora Seed, the novel’s protagonist, needs to start over; She has lost touch with her dreams. She is also unmarried, estranged from her brother, and friendless. She has lost contact with her best friend, Izzy, who moved to Australia.

Adding insult to injury, Nora was recently fired from her retail job and her cat, Volts, has just died.

Nora decides to end her life but, fortunately, she is given a second chance in this humorous yet metaphysical novel.

Nora ends up at the “Midnight Library” a place people go when they hover between life and death. While its a construct of their minds, its also a place where individuals called “sliders” can make new choices.

Nora becomes everything–from a scientist, to world class swimmer, to rock star–yet still feels hopeless and lost. In an ingenious twist, Nora gets the perfect life yet still feels unsatisfied. Nora’s despair nearly leads to catastrophe, yet, she ultimately prevails in this inspiring novel.