Set in the Italian alps, Flowers Over the Inferno, is fast-paced and chilling. Tuti comes from that region and she brings the fictional town of Traveni, a picturesque village that wants to protect its dark secrets, to life.

Beneath the town’s picturesque exterior there are dark forces–an evil doctor and a nefarious school conducting dark experiments. Though the town unites against outsiders who want to to add a ski resort, one of their own hides in mountain shelters and mining shafts plotting revenge.

Flowers Over the Interno has many of the hallmarks of a fast-paced thriller.

What sets this thriller apart, though, is the sophisticated way Tuti develops the two leads. Teresa Battaglia is the veteran superintendent who resents newcomer, Marini. While he covets her knowledge and experience, she secretly covets his health and vitality.

Plenty of shadows lurk behind this postcard perfect town and nearly as many hide behind the Superintendent Battaglia’s cold demeanor.

Flowers Over the Inferno is the first of a series of novels about Teresa Battaglia.