Have you read these Texas love stories yet?

cover of Daughter of Daughter of a Queen by Sarah Bird, Titans by Leila Meacham, and The Diplomat's Daughter by Karin Tanabe.

Bird, Sarah. Daughter of a Daughter of a Queen.

Center, Katherine. What You Wish For.

Dailey, Janet. Texas True. (Tylers of Texas).

Garlock, Dorothy. Under a Texas Sky.

Gillenwater, Sharon. Jenna’s Cowboy. (Callahans of Texas series).

Hoover, Colleen. Confess.

Meacham, Lila. Titans.

McMurtry, Larry. Thalia: A Texas Trilogy.

Michaels, Fern. Texas Fury.

Tanabe, Karen. Diplomats Daughter.

Reynolds, Clay. Tentmaker.

Thomas, Jodi. Ransom Canyon (Ransom canyon series).

Wilde, Lori. Love at First Sight. (Cupid Texas novels).