by Bethany R.

Spring can be a time of new beginnings! The Lunar New Year began on February 1st, the winter freeze that has kept many of us trapped at home is begging to thaw, and COVID restrictions are beginning to ease up. For many of us, it feels like this year is just starting!

While the past few years have taught us about loss and going without, a few of us might be willing to try exploring new opportunities. Perhaps we could try a new type of music or recording artist. Maybe others might like to try a new recipe or cuisine. Still others might like to experiment with new fashions or clothing style.

One of the best way to learn about new topics is by reading about it. Try one of our staff recommendations or one of our new book challenges for the month!

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Whatever you choose to pursue, I always think new experiences are better when shared with a loved one.

Just as I enjoy sharing my experiences here in these blogs, I’m sure others have found joy in sharing their passions with those close to them as well! I love it when my friends share their favorite stories with me, when we can see a great movie together, when my nephews sing a silly song with me, or when my loved ones can share a great meal together! Enjoyment is always better when it can be multiplied!

So, as all of us “begin anew” and discover a new passion/interest/hobby, let’s remember to share our “new finds” with those who mean the most to us! And as we share our new discoveries, may the joy abound as well! Who knows? A loved one’s new found hobby might just become your new passion!