Review what you know and or expand your knowledge of mathematics with these new math books at Rockwall County Library.

Begnal, Tom. Everyday Mathematics Made Easy. Uses real life examples.

Crane, Michelle. ed. Math Maker Lab: 27 Super-Cool Projects. Practical projects. (Juvenile collection).

Gifford, Clive. A Quick History of Math: From Counting Cavemen to Computers. (Juvenile collection).

Lyman, Paige Ellsworth. The Do-It-Yourself Escape Room Book. Learn how to create codes, clues, mathematical puzzles.

Pagel-Hogan, Elizabeth. The Science and Technology of Leonardo DaVinci. Hands on activities. (Juvenile collection).

Waring, Chris. How Pi Can Save Your Life: Using Math to Survive Plane Crashes. Wild scenarios and essential equations.

Let’s celebrate Pie for Pi day. Join us in the Children’s department on 3/14/2022 from 3:15 to 5 PM for Pi crafts and free pie, while supplies last!