Chan, Jessamine. The School For Good Mothers. In Chan’s dystopian novel, “bad” mothers, women who exhibit bad parenting skills, are sent to rehabilitation centers. Some parents, like Frida Liu, have only minor infractions yet they are still sent.

Hirahara, Naomi. Clark and Division.

Winner of the Mary Higgins Clark award and Lefty for Best Historical Fiction. After being released from Manzanar, the Itos hope to go to Chicago where Rose, their oldest daugther has already settled. On the eve of reuniting with Rose, the Itos learn Rose has died. Aki, Rose’s younger sister, does not believe officials who said her sister’s death was a suicide. Determined to find the truth, Aki leads her own investigation.

Zhang, Jenny Tinghui. Four Treasures of the Sky. Kidnapped and taken to America as a young girl, Daiyu must continually reinvent herself to survive. Even though she experiences anti-Chinese sentiment in the American West, Daiyu ultimately forges her own path.