Alary, Laura. The Astronomer Who Questioned Everything is the perfect picture book biography. The astronomer in question is Maria Mitchell, the first female astronomer in the United States. This picture book serves as a wonderful introduction to an astronomer whose contributions (e.g. discovery of comets) were not widely recognized at the time.

An author’s note give young people useful advice about following their dreams.

Bestor, Sheri Mabry. Light the Sky, Firefly. A charming book that delivers facts about fireflies in an entertaining way.

Kelley, Tera. Listen to the Language of the Trees. Scientists are learning more and more about the  mycorrhizal network–the symbiotic relationship between fungi and tree roots; this delightful books explains the relationship in a child-friendly way.

Rooney, Anne. The Story of Planet Earth: From Startdust to the Modern World. An illustrated guide to the earth and its lifeforms–from its first formation to the present day.

Stuart, Collin. The Stardust That Made Us. A visualization of the 118 elements–where they came from and how we use them in everyday life.