Hispanic Heritage Month by Bethany R.

As we celebrate the fall season here in the library, there are many celebrations that instantly come into mind. From Library Card Sign-Up Month and Banned Book Week to Fall Storytimes and the Butterfly Garden Dedication! However, another significant celebration is happening in the library now! Of course I’m referring to Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15- October 15)! This time of year coincides with many Hispanic celebrations (including Mexican Independence Day on September 16th) and it is the perfect time to present new additions to our Spanish language collection!

Believe it or not, we have almost 200 new Spanish fiction, non-fiction, and YA titles coming into the library over the next few weeks. Among them are some best-sellers, mysteries, biographies, thrillers, informational books, fantasy, and some YA classics! To all the Spanish-speaking patrons who stop by the library- Please Check Out Our New Collection! I’m especially proud of the new YA Spanish titles (this collection has been a pet project of mine) and I love to see these amazing stories circulate!

To find Spanish language materials in the Rockwall Countyl Library catalog use the keywords “Spanish Language Materials.”

There are actually many ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, and the celebrations are not limited to anyone! In addition to our new Spanish language books, we also have wonderful stories for all ages (and in all different formats) for our English-speaking patrons to enjoy as well! Check out our library display, visit our website/catalog, or look at our upcoming calendar. With such a great variety of authors, books, and activities from all different locales there is sure to be something special for ALL of our patrons to enjoy here!

Come check it out-you won’t be disappointed!

10 Best Kid Books to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (Newsbank).