This wry book follows an unlikely cast of characters, an aging cleaning lady, an geriatric octopus, a homeless rock singer, a Scottish grocer, and a free-spirited entrepreneur as they move towards a better understanding of their lives.

Having been raised by an Aunt, Cameron desperately wants to find his Dad whom he thinks is a real estate tycoon. He moves to Sowell Bay on the slim chance of meeting and reconnecting, and possibly profiting from him.

The cleaning lady Tova finds herself drawn more and more to Cameron. The Giant Pacific Octopus at the aquarium where she works as a cleaner knows the reason. This particular octopus has the curious habit of escaping from his aquarium and placing objects or clues where people need to see them.

The octopus’s point-of-view is perhaps the most unique aspect of this humorous and touching novel. Marcellus knows he is dying–the lifespan of the octopus is incredibly short–yet he wants to help Tova before he goes. Tova is the only human whom he feels deserves his friendship.

Readers will find themselves pulling for this odd assortment of characters who have good intentions, even if they so easily bungle things.

By Chantal W.