The spooky season is upon us. Here’s a list of titles for those who enjoy reading about ghosts and other paranormal phenomenon.

Austin, Joanne. Weird Ghosts: True Tales of the Eeriest Legends. (Adult collection).

Brown, Alan. Ghosts Along the Mississippi River. (eBook).

Dickey, Colin. Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places. (Adult collection).

Hartzman, Marc. Chasing Ghosts: A Tour of Our Fascination with Spirits. (Adult collection).

Jacobs, Mary. Haunted: Plano, Texas. (Adult collection).

Nadler, Holly Mascott. Haunted Island: True Ghost Stories From Martha’s Vineyard. (Adult collection).

Peterson, Megan Cooley. The Bell Witch: An American Ghost Story. (Juvenile collection).

Selzer, Adam. Your Neighborhood Gives Me The Creeps. (Adult Collection).

Summerscale, Kate. The Haunting of Alma Fielding: A True Ghost Story. (Adult collection).

Williams, Docia Schultz. Best Tales of Texas Ghosts. (Adult collection).

More Strange but True Stories:

Ocker, J.W. Cursed Objects. (eBook).