When Asher finds Lily’s lifeless body at the foot of a stairwell, many believe he murdered her. Many residents in the small New Hampshire town where Asher lives believe he has pushed his girlfriend in a final act of rage.

Even his mother, Olivia, an apiarist, believes her son may be responsible. She has noticed signs that Asher is taking after Braden, her ex-husband who used to physically abuse her. A friend of Lily has noticed bruises on her arms.

His attorney, who is also his Uncle, tries to defend Asher in court yet a bombshell admission by a medical examiner makes that a lot more difficult. Picoult and Boylan keeps readers guessing in this novel that has many twists and turns.

More than just a legal drama, Picoult and Boylan explore social topics in a heart-felt way. Even though its cowritten, the novel feels coherent in its compassionate depiction of its characters.