Beckerman, Nell Cross. Caves.

Blackall, Sophie. Farmhouse.

Burns, Loree Griffin. Honeybee Rescue.

Eady, Antwan. Nigel and the Moon.

Goade, Michaela. Berry Song.

Hare, John. Field Trip to Volcano Island.

Kim, Jihyun. The Depth of the Lake and the Height of the Sky.

Lai, Thanhha. Hundred Years of Happiness.

Marcero, Deborah. Out of a Jar.

Pumphrey, Jarrett. Somewhere in the Bayou.

McCarthy, Meghan. Action: How Movies Began.

Reynolds, Aaron. Creepy Crayon.

Rodari, Gianni. Telling Stories Wrong.

Tarnowska, Wafa’. Nour’s Secret Library.

Vo, Young. Gibberish.

Compiled from lists from KirkusReview, New York Times, School Library Journal, and Washington Post.