Backman, Frederik. Winners. Great change is coming to the people of Beartown in the 3rd novel of the series.

Childs, Laura. A Dark and Stormy Tea. Theodosia tries to solve a murder but this time she knows the victim.

Crigger, C. K. The Woman Who Built a Bridge. In this Spur Award winner, a mysterious woman saves a man’s life. In return, he helps battle against a greedy rich man who is determined to take the town’s land.

Faye, Lyndsey. Observations by Gaslight. New stories from the world of Sherlock Holmes that give new insights into the famous duo, Holmes and Watson.

Healey, Jane. The Secret Stealers. Anna, a female spy in Nazi-occupied France, hopes to find critical information that will help the Allies win the war.

McCarthy, Cormac. The Passenger. A salvage diver tries to understand a crash site–a plane has crashed into the Gulf of Mexico. In doing so, he also tries to understand the complexities of his own life.