Elizabeth Zott’s parents are frauds. Elizabeth and her scientific pursuits, however, is the real deal. She faces an uphill battle because the scientific community does not welcome women in the 1950s. Undetermined yet undeterred, Elizabeth squares off against Dr. Donatti at Hastings, a chemical laboratory.

What follows is hilarious series of misadventures and fortuitous coincidences that result not only in her vindication but a confirmation of all women’s value. Elizabeth Zott not only flips stereotypes in the male dominated scientific field but also reverses them in athletics and television production.

Like her husband, Calvin, she becomes accomplished at rowing. She also has charisma, in her own way, and wins over a sleepy viewership with her cooking/chemistry show. It’s easy to see why this novel is so popular with women but the characterizations of many of the male characters–Calvin, Mason, Wakely–is also positive and heartening. This is a delightful novel that will astound and inspire readers.

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