After her mother dies, Katy goes on a trip to Positano to grieve. She has tickets for two because originally Katy and her mother planned on taking the trip together. Positano had always been a place Carole treasured.

In Positano, Katy unexpectedly comes across the woman her mother used to be–the woman Carol was before she married her Dad and had a baby. That Carol was wild and carefree, utterly different from the woman she became–the perfect wife and mother.

In Positano, Katy runs into a version of Carol who was single and unencumbered–when all her dreams lay before her. At first Katy does not think much about this unusual occurrence. She is in Italy, after all, which is well-known for being timeless and magical.

Soon though Katy meets a man which makes her rethink her own marriage and life as well as Carol’s.

This is a playful novel that also makes readers ponder about free will and fate.

Chantal W.