In the 4th installment of the Saxon Tales, Uhtred continues to serve as King Alfred’s oath man and continues to demonstrate his military prowess.

Alfred commands Uhtred to recapture London that has been seized by the Thurgilson brothers, Siegfried and Eric.

Uhtred makes a surprise, risky attack on London. He takes two ships “through the bridge’s gap in the dark.” Siegfried had blocked all other gates and was not expecting an attack from the bridge’s gap where “most ships die.”

Uhtred also makes two new oaths–one to Aethelflead and one to Father Pyrlig. Notably, he does this even though he knows it will bind him even further to Wessex and Mercia.

After Aethelflead’s is captured and ransomed, Uhtred must again decide where his loyalties lie.

If you enjoy the Netflix series, The Last Kingdom, you will enjoy reading the Saxon Tales that explains the military actions in great detail.