Are you concerned about the wildfires in Canada and the smoke they are causing?

Here are some resources that give more information about wildfires:

Bittle, Jake. The Great Displacement: Climate Change and the Next American Migration. (Adult Collection).

Blunt, Katherine. California Burning. (Adult collection.)

Emminizer, Theresa. Do Natural Disasters Change Ecosystems? (Juvenile collection).

Erickson, John R. Bad Smoke, Good Smoke: A Rancher’s View of Texas Wildfire. (Adult collection).

Furgang, Kathy. Clean Air and Our Future. (Juvenile collection)

Hopkinson, Deborah. The Deadliest Fires Then and Now. (Juvenile collection).

Use NewsBank to find current newspaper and magazine articles on wildfires and pollution.

Use Explora, Gale in Context, or Gale Onefile from to find even more information.

Gale OneFile’s Topic Finder lets you visualize connections between search terms and topics.