Rockwall County Library held a Gale Presents: Udemy overview on June 27, 2023.

Photo by Arlington Research on Unsplash

Many participants were interested in office productivity classes. Office productivity classes includes Microsoft classes that teach Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word skills–great skills to attain or enhance.

Individuals can also gain workplace skills like payroll, online bookkeeping, and accounting on Udemy. Udemy offers 67 online video classes on bookkeeping.

If project management is what you’re looking for, Udemy offers 140 online video courses.

If you need training for certifications–like those issued by Amazon Web Services Training, CompTIA, and others–require training courses. Explore Udemy to see which courses can help you prepare for these certifications.

Look for the “cybersecurity” tab, “data science” tab, and the “development” tab to find online video courses in these lucrative fields.

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