Review by Mary K.

Fans of Australian author, Kate Morton, will not be disappointed in her latest novel, Homecoming, in which nothing is what it seems.  

On a scorching hot Christmas Eve day in 1959, residents are stunned when they hear about the mysterious deaths that occurred on the grounds of the magnificent mansion in Tambilla, South Australia. Local police are called out to the scene, but what they find leads to more questions than answers. The case is never solved.

Fast forward sixty years later in London, Jess is a struggling reporter in need of her next story when she receives a phone call summoning her back to Sydney. Nora, her grandmother, has suffered a fall and has been hospitalized.

One night, while staying in Nora’s home, Jess discovers an old novel which may hold answers to questions about her own family, and the mystery of what may have actually happened in Tambilla so many years ago.

This book is recommended for anyone who loves a mystery wrapped up in family secrets.