Clarke, Ginjer. Animal Allies: Creatures Working Together. An introduction to animals that have a symbiotic relationship.

Clendenan, Megan. Cities: How Humans Live Together. Clendenan covers numerous topics related to urban living from the past to the present.

Fadeeva, Olga. Wind: Discovering Air in Motion. Kids who enjoy science and history will delight in the questions the author raises and answers.

Lombardo, Jennifer. What Happens During An Eclipse? Great illustrations and explanations that will make kids curious about the upcoming annular and total eclipse.

Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw. At Home With The Prairie Dog. Prairie dogs are keystone species. Hinshaw explains what that means in a simple yet informative way.

Sanstrom, Donna. Orca Rescue! The True Story of an Orphaned Orca Named Springer. Kids will enjoy this real life rescue story.

Sima, Andy. Climate: Our Changing World. Sima gives a thorough synopsis of climate change in this “science in action” book.