2021 Summer Reading Activities

Learn about the 2021 reading challenge, crafts, movies, and events. Participants 18+ (for the adult club) can complete multiple reading challenge forms.

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Register here for the 2021 Reading challenge “Tails and Tales”

Complete a virtual reading log challenge form or ask for a printed copy at one of the service desks.

Virtual reading log challenge form:



Although we are not offering computer classes at this time, don’t let that stop you from learning.

Visit these online resources for tutorials and more:

CK-12 Foundation — Adult Education

The CK-12 Foundation and the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN) have partnered together to create this space on the CK-12 platform to support adult educators and learners. Math, Science, U.S. History, U.S. Government, and Economics.

GCF Learn Free – Technology
Intimidated by computers? New to email or the web? Want to stay safe online or understand how your operating system works? Learn all of this and more in GCF Learn Free’s Technology section. Includes all material covered in our MS Office classes.

GCF Learn Free – Work
Looking to advance in your career? Embarking on a new one? Use these lessons to plan your career, apply for jobs, balance work life, and get the training needed to succeed in today’s marketplace. Includes how to create a resume, cover letters, and interviewing tips.

GCF Learn Free – Core Skills
Whether you want to learn new words, practice your reading skills, or expand your knowledge of fractions, decimals, percents, and algebra, GCF Learn Free’s interactive lessons can help.

Users can educate themselves on web development languages like HTML,
CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and Bootstrap using simple code explanations
and illustrations. Tutorials start from the basic level and move all the way up to professional. Learners can study for free at their own pace; a certificate is available for a fee.


Provider of thousands of courses in business, technology, and creative skills. NOT FREE but offers a free 30-day trial. Up through December 31, 2021 explore free LinkedIn.com classes for job-seekers and career changers, https://opportunity.linkedin.com/skills-for-in-demand-jobs

EdX (edx.org)
Harvard- and MIT-founded nonprofit MOOC offering 200+ FREE online classes from more than 130 global partners. Open-source programs include computer science, data and statistics, business and management, languages, engineering, and the humanities. Learners receive a free honor code certificate or a verified certificate for a fee.