Science of the Summer Olympics Designing safety helmets, fluid mechanics of swimming, and more in this nine part video series (2012 games). Baseball will be a sport in Tokyo's Summer Olympics. Here are some books about the science of summer sports: Bazemore, Suzanne. Soccer: How It Works. Buckley, James Jr. It's a Numbers Game! Baseball: The Math Behind the … Continue reading Science of the Summer Olympics

Best Online Tutorials for Adults

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash Texshare's Learning Express Library (available to those with a Rockwall County Library card). Ask for a Texshare password. Tests, tutorials, and eBooks. The Computer Skills Center has tutorials on computer basics, popular software tools, computer graphics and illustration (Adobe illustrator and Adobe photoshop), and tutorials on Windows operating … Continue reading Best Online Tutorials for Adults

Best Digital Tools for Teaching & Learning

According to the AASL (American Association of School Librarians), these are the best digital tools for teaching: Best Digital Tools for Teaching & Learning | American Association of School Librarians (AASL) ( Use these tools & others in website (Best Digital Tools for Teaching & Learning) to help students with news literacy, critical thinking and … Continue reading Best Digital Tools for Teaching & Learning

Book Review: The Language of the Butterflies by Wendy Williams

Though most people take butterflies for granted, Williams elevates the place of this tiny insect in the scientific community. She describes butterfly “addicts” and includes herself in the group. While most addicts are attracted to the butterflies’ color and beauty, a neural effect she describes in chapter 13, she proves there much more to be … Continue reading Book Review: The Language of the Butterflies by Wendy Williams

Coming Soon! PatriotPaws Demo

For books on service dogs:Ascher-Walsh, Rebecca. Devoted: 38 Tales of Love, Loyalty, and Life With Dogs. (adult collection). Charleson, Susannah. Scent of the Missing. (adult collection). Charleson, Susannah. Possibility Dogs. (adult collection). Hamilton, Kimberlie. Daring Dogs: 30 True Tales. (juvenile collection). Keagan, Grace. The Ultimate Service Dog Training Manual. (adult collection). Kisor, Henry. Traveling with … Continue reading Coming Soon! PatriotPaws Demo

Career information

If you're looking to reskill or upskill after the pandemic, ask how to use LearningExpress at Rockwall County Library. Learning Express Library offers many benefits to students and job seekers. Learning Express Library Career Center Plus (job search and workplace skills, prepare for civil service and vocational careers)Job & Career Accelerator (discover schools and scholarships, … Continue reading Career information