November is National Novel Writing Month.

Overdrive has many digital writing books to choose from. In our print collection, here are few noteworthy titles: Freedman, Marni. Permission to Roar.  Master Writing Coach and playwright, Marni Freedman gives readers, and women in particular, inspiration to write their book.  Marie, Jorjeanna. Improv for Writers: 10 Secrets to Help Novelists and Screenwriters Bypass Writer's Block.  Award-winning … Continue reading November is National Novel Writing Month.

COVID-19 resources for the business community

Where to find information: Rockwall Economic Development COVID Resource guide: Rockwall Chamber of Commerce: CARES act, Coronavirus emergency loans: FAQs for employers: Shared Work as alternative to layoffs: U.S. Chamber of Commerce information: U.S. Chamber Disaster Help: Corona virus small business guide: Unemployment benefits: CDC Interim Guide for businesses:

Book Review: Gone Without a Trace by Mary Torjussen

Gone Without a Trace Hannah's life is upended when her boyfriend Matt disappears. Hannah lives in the Wirral peninsula and is on the fast track for promotion at the company where she works. Matt doesn't just disappear. He obliterates his presence by taking every single item he owns from her apartment and deleting every photo … Continue reading Book Review: Gone Without a Trace by Mary Torjussen