Book Review: Oh My Stars by Sally Kilpatrick

Oh My Stars by Sally Kilpatrick Set in Ellery, Tennessee, Oh My Stars is a delightful romance that will put even the weariest in a good mood. The quirky inhabitants of this little town don't expect a Christmas miracle in their drive-through nativity. The nativity, after all, is located in a Dollar General parking lot. … Continue reading Book Review: Oh My Stars by Sally Kilpatrick

Engineering Week

Celebrate Engineering Week (February 21-27, 2021) by reading one of these titles that discuss engineering. The purpose of Engineering week is to call attention to the contributions engineers make. This year's theme is "Imagining Tomorrow." Ceceri, Kathy. Bots! Robotics Engineering. (Juvenile collection). Hawkins, Carole. STEAM jobs in Internet Technology. (Juvenile collection). Kenney, Karen. Folding Tech: … Continue reading Engineering Week

Lariat Reading List

These wonderful choices come from the 2021 Lariat Reading List. Casares, Caesar. Where We Come From. Cosby, S.A. Blacktop Wasteland Harmel, Kristin. Book of Lost Names. Joyce, Rachel. Miss Benson's Beetle. McBride, James. Deacon King Kong. Meyerson, Amy. The Imperfects. Swanson, Peter. Eight Perfect Murders. Wingate, Lisa. Book of Lost Friends Wrobel, Stephanie. Darling Rose … Continue reading Lariat Reading List

Spineless: the Science of Jellyfish by Juli Berwald

Spineless by Juli Berwald Spineless is a fascinating memoir about a woman obsessed with jellyfish. Berwald became enamored with the marine life after taking a course in Israel. Once she explored the Red Sea coral, Berwald was hooked. After having children, though, Berwald felt sidelined by her options. Though she faced many obstacles, Berwald's slippery … Continue reading Spineless: the Science of Jellyfish by Juli Berwald