Looking back

For National Dog Day, we're posting photos of Rockwall County Library's Patriot Paws event. The Patriot Paw Demonstration was one of many summer reading events given at the library this past summer. A puppy raiser (Christine) develops a special relationship with puppy-in-training, Orion. Christine demonstrates how a Patriot Paw dog-in-training can pick up small objects … Continue reading Looking back

Coming Soon! PatriotPaws Demo

For books on service dogs:Ascher-Walsh, Rebecca. Devoted: 38 Tales of Love, Loyalty, and Life With Dogs. (adult collection). Charleson, Susannah. Scent of the Missing. (adult collection). Charleson, Susannah. Possibility Dogs. (adult collection). Hamilton, Kimberlie. Daring Dogs: 30 True Tales. (juvenile collection). Keagan, Grace. The Ultimate Service Dog Training Manual. (adult collection). Kisor, Henry. Traveling with … Continue reading Coming Soon! PatriotPaws Demo

Book Review: Thank you For Your Service by David Finkel

David Finkel takes a dark topic, soldiers returning from duty with PSTD and other injuries, and turns it into something starkly beautiful. The book is filled with haunting stories. For instance, James Doster makes a fateful decision. Doster gives Adam Schumann his chance to Skype his family because he feels Schumann needs the time more … Continue reading Book Review: Thank you For Your Service by David Finkel