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Need suggestions for your next bedtime story? Do you have Goodnight Moon burnout? Try one of our book lists, especially curated by our library wizards for your reading needs. Choose from any of the lists below; books listed are currently in the library’s collection. If you have suggestions for our lists, please let us know!

AR Finder – Looking for books to meet your child’s Accelerated Reading (AR) Level? Try this site. We do not organize books according to these reading levels but we’re happy to help you find something to suit your child’s needs.

Find a Book (Lexile Measured Books) – Know your child’s Lexile score? Or perhaps you don’t but know your child reads at “this” level and needs something around “this” level (whatever it is). Try “Find a Book” using either their score or an estimated reading level to help you find the perfect book for your child.

2020-2021 Texas Bluebonnet Award Nominees – Learn more about the Texas Bluebonnet Award and the current nominees.

“Bobble Head” Biographies – So called because of the covers’ similarity to bobble head figures. These biographies are well-written and engaging; illustrations throughout to bring their subjects to life.

Suggestions by Grade – These are not exhaustive or required by schools, but provide a good jumping-off point to start your reading.

  • Grades K-2
  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade
  • 5th Grade
  • 6th Grade
  • 7th Grade

Special Topics – Again, please note these lists and brochures are not exhaustive or authoritative, but are only suggestions. Please exercise your judgement when selecting books for your child.

  • Adoption
  • Birds & the Bees
  • Death & Grieving
  • Divorce
  • Getting Ready for School
  • Math Concepts
  • New Baby
  • Potty Training
  • Toddlers