Need a good biography for your child’s upcoming project or just need something inspirational to read? Try one of the “Bobble Head” biographies or accounts of historical events – (so-called because of the series’ use of oversized heads on the covers). The list below is subject to change and features the location of the book in the Rockwall County Library.


What are the Summer Olympics? by Gail Herman  at J 796.48 Her

  • Collection designation:  (Juvenile collection, downstairs)
  • Dewey decimal number:  796.48
  • Author’s name:  Her (Abbreviated “Herman”)

What are the Summer Olympics?   at J 796.48 Her
By Gail Herman

What was D-Day?   at J 940.53 Dem
By Patricia Demuth

What was Hurricane Katrina?   at J 976.335064 Koo
By Robin Koontz

What was the March on Washington?   at J 323.119 Kru
By Kathleen Krull

Who was Alexander the Great?   at J B Alexander
By Kathryn Waterfield

Who was Maya Angelou?   at J B Angelou
By Ellen Labrecque

Who was Lucille Ball?   at J B Ball
By Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso

Who was Milton Bradley?   at J B Bradley
By Kirsten Anderson

Who was Blackbeard?   at J B Teach
By James Buckley, Jr.

Who was Julius Caesar?   at J B Caesar
By Tim Foley

Who was George Washington Carver?   at J B Carver
By Jim Gigliotti

Who was Charlie Chaplin?  at J B Chaplin
By Patricia Demuth

Who was Davy Crockett?   at J B Crockett
By Gail Herman

Who was Jim Henson?   at J B Henson
By Joan Holub

Who was Alfred Hitchcock?   at J B Hitchcock
By Pam Pollock

Who was Jacqueline Kennedy?   at J B Kennedy
By Bonnie Bader

Who was Robert E. Lee?   at J B Lee
By Bonnie Bader

Who was Beatrix Potter?   at J B Potter
By Sarah Fabiny

Who was Betsy Ross?   at J B Ross
By James Buckley, Jr.

Who was Blackbeard?   at J B Teach
       By James Buckley, Jr.

Who was Jules Verne?   at J B Verne
By James Buckley, Jr.

Who was Woodrow Wilson?   at J B Wilson
By Margaret Frith

Who was Frank Lloyd Wright?   at J B Wright
By Ellen Labrecque