Is your toddler’s begging for the library’s greatest hits playlist? We use music and rhymes from a variety of sources, some of which you can find online (free!):

Jbrary – Two Canadian children’s librarians knock it out of the park with a weekly series of their favorite storytime songs and rhymes. Their YouTube channel features a variety of playlists that include lullabies, animal songs, weather songs, finger plays, scarf play, and more!

Storytime Katie – This Chicago-based Early Literacy Librarian has a wonderful collection of songs, rhymes, and more featured on her blog. Many of them you might recognize from your own childhood, Girl Scouts, church, or school; they’re included as a part of her themed storytime ideas and activities.

Super Simple Songs – The playlists included here are collected by educators and published under the Super Simple Learning label. They’re fun, easy, and sometimes new to you! The Super Simple Learning website is also a great resource for simple concepts activities (shapes, colors, time, weather, etc.).

Dr. Jean Feldman – Dr. Jean has vast experience teaching children and adults